Publications in Academic Journals:
-“Collecting data, counting stars…Impact de la pollution lumineuse sur les capacités humaines d’imagination”, Presses Universitaires Savoie-Mont Blanc, 2021. Read more about this article

How Art Places Climate Change at the Heart of Technological Innovation”, Special Issue "Business, Open Innovation and Art", MDPI Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Markets and Complexity, November 2019

Conference papers:
- “Protected (and Secured Area for Darkness Conservation, Installation + Perfornance”, Artificial Light At Night International Conference, accepted paper, 2021

- “Using Art as an Insight to Identify Ethical and Sustainable Issues”, with Céline Verchère. Human Computing International Conference, CHI Montreal, Human Food Interaction Workshop, 2018

Other Publication:
- Intégrons la recherche artistique dans les processus d’innovation with Olivia Verger, L’Express, 2015

Seminars and Conference Presentations:
- CHI Italy (Human Computer Interaction Conference, Interactive Experiences Exhibition), 2021
- CHI Montreal (Human Computer Interaction Conference, Food Workshop), 2018
- “Impact de la pollution lumineuse sur l’imagination”, CEGEP Sherbrooke, 2020
- Paris Design Lab / Telecom Paris/ Lab presentation, 2021
- “Developing wireless capacitive sensors embedded in fruits and organic matters”, 1/2 day Hackathon ,Drahi X-novation Center, Ecole Polytechnique, 2019
- “Art Based Innovation”, BCG Paris, février 2019
- “Art Based Innovation”, Pecha Kucha Atelier Néerlandais, Paris, 2018
- “Interactive Still Life Research ”, Arts Numériques Contemporains : les Artistes en Laboratoire, LabEx ICCA, Paris 13 University, Carrefour Numérique, Cité des Sciences, 2017
- Awarded workshop proposal Performance Architectures, Wearables & Gestures of Participation,  Metabody Forum, London,  2016
- “Dance and Movement as Drivers for Sustainable Innovation” Guest speaker, University of Michigan, EECS-School of Performing Arts, 2015
- “Light Augmented by Dance”, workshop, First Organizational Creativity International Conference, ARTEM Nancy, 2015How technology is redefining our approach to sustainability in fashion?Sustainability and Innovation roundtables, Fashion Tech Week, NUMA, 2015
- “How to light up your own body space ?”, Conquêtes Croisées, Arts & Sciences conference, Lyon Universities 1, 2 et 3, 2014
- “Addressing sustainability challenges through wearables?” Wearable Tech Conference, Paris roundtable on luxury and technology, 2014
- “Twice Out Of Paradise, dance and light research”, FAST, Forum Arts Sciences Technologie, Théâtre de Creil, 2013
- “Light Augmented by Dance”, Invited Artist,EU funded Imagine 2020, Art & Climate Change 3 days Summer Lab, Transforma Cultural Center, Portugal, 2012
- “L’art et la culture comme source d’innovation écologique et sociale”, Distinguish Speakers serie, IRCASE, International Research Chair in Art and Sustainable Enterprise (ARTEM-Nancy), distinguish speakers série, 2012
Dance and Sustainability roundtable with Prue Lang and Nathalie Rozot, Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, 2011
- “Breakthrough Sustainable Consumption in 6 trends”, ClimateExchange Conference, Copenhagen, 2009


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