Publications in Academic Journals:
-“Collecting data, counting stars…Impact de la pollution lumineuse sur les capacités humaines d’imagination”, Presses Universitaires Savoie-Mont Blanc, 2021
- How Art Places Climate Change at the Heart of Technological Innovation”, Special Issue "Business, Open Innovation and Art", MDPI Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Markets and Complexity, November 2019

Conference papers:
- “Protected (and Secured Area for Darkness Conservation, Installation + Perfornance”, Artificial Light At Night International Conference, accepted paper, 2021
- “Using Art as an Insight to Identify Ethical and Sustainable Issues”, with Céline Verchère. Human Computing International Conference, CHI Montreal, Human Food Interaction Workshop, 2018

Other Publication:
- Intégrons la recherche artistique dans les processus d’innovation with Olivia Verger, L’Express, 2015

Seminars and Conference Presentations:
- CHI Italy (Human Computer Interaction Conference, Interactive Experiences Exhibition), 2021
- CHI Montreal (Human Computer Interaction Conference, Food Workshop), 2018
- “Impact de la pollution lumineuse sur l’imagination”, CEGEP Sherbrooke, 2020
- Paris Design Lab / Telecom Paris/ Lab presentation, 2021
- “Developing wireless capacitive sensors embedded in fruits and organic matters”, 1/2 day Hackathon ,Drahi X-novation Center, Ecole Polytechnique, 2019
- “Art Based Innovation”, BCG Paris, février 2019
- “Art Based Innovation”, Pecha Kucha Atelier Néerlandais, Paris, 2018
- “Interactive Still Life Research ”, Arts Numériques Contemporains : les Artistes en Laboratoire, LabEx ICCA, Paris 13 University, Carrefour Numérique, Cité des Sciences, 2017
- Awarded workshop proposal Performance Architectures, Wearables & Gestures of Participation,  Metabody Forum, London,  2016
- “Dance and Movement as Drivers for Sustainable Innovation” Guest speaker, University of Michigan, EECS-School of Performing Arts, 2015
- “Light Augmented by Dance”, workshop, First Organizational Creativity International Conference, ARTEM Nancy, 2015How technology is redefining our approach to sustainability in fashion?Sustainability and Innovation roundtables, Fashion Tech Week, NUMA, 2015
- “How to light up your own body space ?”, Conquêtes Croisées, Arts & Sciences conference, Lyon Universities 1, 2 et 3, 2014
- “Addressing sustainability challenges through wearables?” Wearable Tech Conference, Paris roundtable on luxury and technology, 2014
- “Twice Out Of Paradise, dance and light research”, FAST, Forum Arts Sciences Technologie, Théâtre de Creil, 2013
- “Light Augmented by Dance”, Invited Artist,EU funded Imagine 2020, Art & Climate Change 3 days Summer Lab, Transforma Cultural Center, Portugal, 2012
- “L’art et la culture comme source d’innovation écologique et sociale”, Distinguish Speakers serie, IRCASE, International Research Chair in Art and Sustainable Enterprise (ARTEM-Nancy), distinguish speakers série, 2012
Dance and Sustainability roundtable with Prue Lang and Nathalie Rozot, Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, 2011
- “Breakthrough Sustainable Consumption in 6 trends”, ClimateExchange Conference, Copenhagen, 2009


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