This is (Not) an NFT!

“Light from solar is both art and energy since the early times of humanity. It contributes both to imagine new worlds and to “grow” them. My attempt was to place NFTs into the continuum of art history, into photography and film history.”
Jeanne Bloch

This is (not) an NFT" features solar body prints using the Anthotype techniques to activate photosensitive material from plants. This process was originally invented by woman scientist Mary Somerville in 1842. Jeanne Bloch’s collaboration with digital artist Ari Karma creates organic movement from physical sun to digital light.

This is (not) an NFT! places NFTs within art history by exploring the role of light into artistic representations since Antiquity. Photography and film bear witness of humans' relationship to light as a palpable matter manipulated through lenses, black boxes and digital screens to feed humans’ desire to create representations as close as possible to reality. From photograms to films, humans used light to build new worlds.

René Magritte’s 1929 surrealist painting “This is not a pipe” questioned representation and the definition of reality at a time when the Metaverse was not  yet a human experience. This is (not) an NFT! refers to Magritte’s work by asking:  when does representation start and reality ends? Does the distinction between what is real and what is not remain significant today? Can we simply define reality as an experience, whether it happens in a virtual or physical environment?

This is (not) an NFT! is initiated by Jeanne Bloch and supported by Younergy Crypto Values of Sun artistic program. 

Artists: Jeanne Bloch, Ari_karma, with help of Patricia Ancarno.

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Shows include:
Lisbon, 2022, Ethcc, 2022, MindfulNFTs Art Exhibition, Academie du Climat, 2023
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