NFT to Engage Dialogue

“Bringing conversation to human-machine interaction has the potential to give each individual person a new degree of participation in value creation for individual and collective benefit.”
Paul Pangaro

Through an INPUT/OUTPUT system, we value the context and multidisciplinary echoes emerging from the art research. Through this additional installation we shared with the audience the process along the piece of art. Text, Music, Video, Software.

Visitors are proposed to contribute to the art research, so the art becomes an outcome of a suite of interactions with its “milieu” (aka various audiences).

As a life inspired system, it is the process which makes the piece of work alive at the place of a supposedly final art work.

The installation engages the dialogue with the audience through an automated device "Input" (text related to the research) / "Output" (image based on words);

 Artists: Jeanne Bloch, SatoriD, 8_witihinthevacuum_8,