Empowering Art-Science Collaboration


“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between
 how nature works and the way people think”,
Gregory Bateson


DEB-A is a collaborative platform where artists, scientists, engineers, businesses, investors and enthusiasts work together to speed up climate change and social justice solutions.

We sustain art based research and production by valuing the process throughout a metabolic and dynamic environment inspired by DEB Theory (Dynamic Energy Budget).

How DEB Support Art-Science Artists with Funding?

We unlock interdisciplinary artistic research
to speed up climate change and social justice solutions

We build an enliven economic system that finances and curates high impact art-science research and extended interdisciplinary collaboration.

We create new incentives for art-tech-science collaboration, funding and dissemination of the applied solutions by building a web 3 based ecosystem using metabolism system and theory: the “Dynamic Energy Budget model”.


Dynamic Energy Budget is hosted warmly at:
OMEGA WORKING GROUP, TEC (Token Engineering Common)